The Digital Capital LUMAscape

September 15th, 2011

Since their launch in June, the digital media LUMAscapes have really taken off. To date, the charts have been viewed over 175,000 times and downloaded over 12,000 times. We are delighted to see this traction and are committed to continually improving their accuracy.  Since expert crowdsourcing is the most effective way we can make these better, we appreciate all the inbound suggestions we receive. The LUMAscapes are regularly updated to reflect the dynamic nature of the digital subsectors they illustrate.

At LUMA, we were recently discussing the venture capital industry and came to the realization that, to our knowledge, no similar landscape existed. So we made one. Our Digital Capital LUMAscape maps out the sources of capital from Angel to Private Equity and all forms of Venture in-between. Once again, we ask you to help perfect this with your feedback. Note that we are focused on money sources that are relevant for the digital media/internet sectors so we purposely excluded names in healthcare and other tech sectors. Thanks in advance for your help (email to

The Digital Capital LUMAscape could be very helpful for a variety of constituents, especially as a starting point for entrepreneurs assessing financing sources.


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