LUMA Partners painstakingly compiles sector landscapes (“LUMAscapes”) to organize what can be a very confusing ecosystem. We have mapped each of the increasingly overlapping key sectors of digital media: DISPLAY, VIDEO, MOBILE, MARKETING TECHNOLOGY, SALES TECH, CONTENT / NATIVE, SEARCH, SOCIAL, COMMERCE, VR and GAMING. We have also mapped the leading suppliers of capital – the DIGITAL CAPITAL LUMAscape, the strategic acquirers – the STRATEGIC BUYER LUMAscape and the knowledge sources – the KNOWLEDGE LUMAscape.

We understand these LUMAscapes are not perfect. Many companies operate across multiple sectors and there are significant product and business differences within categories. This is our categorization with the help of a lot of feedback from the community. Tell us what you think as we are always tinkering with the changing landscapes and appreciate the expert crowd sourcing.