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Seen this infographic before?

Our Display LUMAscape is one of the most viewed, used, referenced and copied slides in the industry. And now we’ve expanded the collection to include “LUMAscapes” for all the digital media sectors — DISPLAY, VIDEO, MOBILE, MARKETING TECHNOLOGY, CONTENT / NATIVE, SEARCH, SOCIAL, COMMERCE, and GAMING. We have also mapped the leading suppliers of capital – the DIGITAL CAPITAL LUMAscape, and the strategic acquirors – the STRATEGIC BUYER LUMAscape.

We have produced a variety of content that reflects our focus on and understanding of the digital media and marketing ecosystem — how it works and where its going.

And based on the extent to which it gets shared around the web, the messages have struck a chord – over 6,000,000 views and downloads.

So go ahead and check out the content. Download the latest LUMAscape or view a presentation for some compelling and prescient insights. Or, if you’re looking for a little lighter fare, take in a comedy video. As you can see, we work hard but also like to have fun.