Neustar Acquires Aggregate Knowledge

October 30th, 2013

Today, Neustar (NYSE:NSR) announced the acquisition of data management platform Aggregate Knowledge (AK). LUMA Partners represented AK in the transaction.

In this deal, Neustar continues to build out its complete workflow solutions for marketing professionals by leveraging the offline and online audience segmentation and targeting capabilities of its AdAdvisor business with AK’s real time media analytics, optimization and attribution in the digital channel.

As we suggested in 2010, the data intelligence layer (DMP before the acronym was formed) lies at the very heart of audience-based media buying that predominates the digital media channel.  Why else would it be in the center of the LUMAscape?  We anticipate that many more companies (from large technology providers to offline data giants and potentially data-rich consumer networks) could leverage the analytical capabilities of a well-positioned DMP.

Congratulations to Aggregate Knowledge and Neustar on the deal.

This transactions marks the 7th data deal LUMA has completed in the last few years, reflecting the important role data plays in digital media. We know data!


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