MyBuys Has Merged With Magnetic

May 28th, 2015

On May 20th, Magnetic, a digital advertising company, announced the merger with MyBuys, Inc., a leader in multi-channel marketing and personalization. The combined entity, operating under the Magnetic name, will enable marketers to prospect, acquire, convert and reactivate customers across a variety of channels, including display, email, on-site and mobile, all on a single platform and in real time.

LUMA Partners represented MyBuys in the transaction.

While innovation in marketing automation and programmatic advertising has made marketers more efficient and effective, the growing number of point solutions is overwhelming.  Lately there have been a number of strategic combinations at the intersection of Ad Tech and MarTech, uniting once disparate functions and technologies in order to increase marketing effectiveness and improve the consumer experience. The combination of MyBuys and Magnetic is a prime example of this trend.

Congratulations to MyBuys and Magnetic!


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