Digital Media Summit (DMS)

LUMA Partners hosted its 6th annual Digital Media Summit on May 21, 2014 during Internet Week NY. It was a huge success! More than 500 leaders from the digital media industry were on hand (300 CEOs, 100 strategic investors, 100 financial investors) for pithy discussion of topical issues and power networking. Re-cap below:

For speakers and sponsors, DMS started the night before at the VIP Reception which was hosted on the rooftop of The NoMad Hotel. It was a great evening.

The following day at DMS, there was the “steak” (the hour-long breakout sessions that leveraged peer-to-peer CEO participation) and the “sizzle” (main stage keynotes, fireside chats), and lots of fun entertainment and networking in-between. The morning breakout sessions covered content, data, convergence of digital and traditional video, brand solutions and exits, while the afternoon sessions focused on commerce, multi-channel marketing, native content marketing, mobile, and investing trends.

The main-stage sizzle included the following:

  • Terence Kawaja and Brian Andersen opened with a discussion of markets and trends in digital media with the LUMA State of the State presentation.
  • A fascinating keynote from Google’s Neal Mohan who talked about breaking down the barriers to digital brand building.
  • A fireside chat with Bob Lord of AOL to discuss strategy in the digital landscape.
  • A fireside chat with The New York Times CEO Mark Thompson who focused on the Innovator’s Dilemma.
  • The Winner’s Circle, featuring recent deal success stories from Rocket Fuel, Aggregate Knowledge, and Rubicon Project.
  • A fireside chat with Facebook’s Blake Chandlee who talked about the SoMoNa Platform.
  • A fireside chat with Verizon’s Colson Hillier on “The Network Effect.”

DMS 15 is by invitation only and will take place on May 20, 2015.

For information, click on the video above or visit the DMS 15 website here.