Introducing the “Foundational” LUMAscapes

May 5, 2016

For years, LUMA has mapped the intermediaries of the Digital Media and Marketing ecosystem. These maps have always included Marketers, Agencies and Publishers, albeit in an aggregated way. Today, we map a larger complement to these critical players with the introduction of three new LUMAscapes: Marketers, Agencies and Publishers.

The MARKETER LUMAscape plots over 100 of the largest spenders categorized by vertical. These are the companies who are fueling the growth of the ecosystem as they shift ad spend from analog channels and make increasing investments in data and software capabilities to help them market more effectively and efficiently. They are the lifeblood of the entire sector.

The AGENCY LUMAscape maps the many entities that assist marketer clients by type and ownership group. Agencies fill a vital role in helping marketers navigate through the increasingly complex marketing ecosystem. Agencies now also include consulting and tech services companies as they bring agency-like capabilities in-house.

Finally, the PUBLISHER LUMAscape maps the major content companies by vertical in all formats. From traditional to digital-native, publishers of all kinds are helping the shift of ad spend as they develop innovative content and consumer experiences.



We publish these maps to help people navigate the complex and fragmented digital marketing and media landscape. As always, these are imperfect. If we likely have excluded or mischaracterized companies, we would love to hear from you to make them better at!

RTL Group has agreed to acquire Smartclip

March 21, 2016

Today, RTL Group announced the acquisition of Smartclip AG, a Germany-based digital video advertising company. With the acquisition of Smartclip, RTL Group broadens its digital advertising capabilities by adding Smartclip’s digital video and connected TV solutions.

LUMA Partners represented Smartclip in the transaction.

The convergence of TV and digital video is quickly becoming a reality as we highlighted in our State of Digital Video presentation. The growing number of screens used for video viewing has sparked the need for complete solution providers.  Smartclip offers digital video advertising inventory from over 700 publishers and ad serving capabilities to Internet-connected devices. Smartclip will strengthen RTL Group’s video monetization strategy by complementing SpotX, a programmatic digital video company.  The combination of Smartclip and RTL Group gives the media company the tools to gain market share in the fast growing video advertising market.

Congratulations to Smartclip and RTL Group!



Telenor has agreed to acquire Tapad

February 1, 2016

Today, Telenor Group announced the acquisition of Tapad Inc., an industry leading, cross-device marketing technology company. Through the acquisition of Tapad, Telenor will add advanced digital capabilities to its core telecom business and secure a foothold in the growing advertising and marketing technology industry.

LUMA Partners represented Tapad in the transaction.

The mobile advertising market is growing rapidly as marketing spend continues to shift with the change in consumer behavior. As we mentioned in our State of Digital Marketing presentation, the growing number of devices and time spent across them is making identity and cross-device capabilities a necessity in digital marketing, driving the development of better tools that address device fragmentation. Tapad has become the leader in this space with its Device Graph technology that connects user behavior across screens and enables measurement and monetization from these audiences. With Telenor’s 200 million mobile subscriber base across 13 markets, the combination of Telenor and Tapad’s innovative technology opens up large opportunities across established and emerging markets around the world.

Congratulations to Tapad and Telenor!


LUMA’s Inaugural Digital Marketing Summit

November 24, 2015

LUMA Partners hosted its inaugural Digital Marketing Summit (DMS West) on November 12, 2015 in Menlo Park. We brought together more than 300 industry leaders, including 150 CEOs, under one roof to create the premier conference experience for marketing technology decision makers.


We had a fantastic lineup of speakers on the main stage, featuring some of the biggest names in Digital Marketing:

You can view all the main stage discussions here.

The summit focused on pressing topics around analytics, commerce, mobile, cross-channel, B2B marketing, content marketing, and the Ad Tech / MarTech convergence. And, of course, there was non-stop networking with near everyone in the industry.

At DMS West, we presented our first annual State of Digital Marketing, which looks at markets and trends in marketing technology. You can view or download the presentation here.


Neustar has agreed to acquire MarketShare

November 5, 2015

Today, Neustar (NYSE: NSR) announced the acquisition of MarketShare, a leading marketing analytics company. With the acquisition of MarketShare, Neustar will gain access to the company’s expertise in marketing planning and cross-channel attribution.

LUMA Partners represented MarketShare in the transaction.

Neustar has evolved in recent years from an information and security business to a broader information services and software business, with a strong focus on marketing technologies. With its CMO-level offerings, MarketShare broadens Neustar’s marketing technology solutions and elevates its importance to CMOs. MarketShare provides the CMO with industry leading tools for marketing planning and attribution, and has retained top-tier clients, including Ford, Best Buy, Hilton, The Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Intel, SAP, MasterCard, The Pottery Barn and SAB Miller. These relationships will enable cross-selling opportunities between Neustar and MarketShare customers. The transaction also allows MarketShare to join forces with a company who has long been an expert in first-party data, a vital asset in digital marketing today.

Congratulations to MarketShare and Neustar!