May 21st, 2012

LUMA Partners hosted the 4th Annual Digital Media Summit on May16, 2012 at New York’s Time Warner Center. It was a huge success! More than 400 CEOs and leaders from the digital media industry were on hand for pithy discussion of topical issues and power networking. Everyone was there and all were encouraged to get involved (or were Socratically pinged). DMS is a decidedly lean-forward experience!!

Our main stage panels were memorable:

  • Neal Mohan delivered the opening keynote with a discussion of Google’s efforts at providing upper funnel solutions for advertisers and publishers. With concepts like brand, engagement and creative, it was a welcome reprieve from the usual algorithmic topics and set the stage for more dialogue throughout the day.
  • At lunch, Amanda Bicofsky and Rachel Sklar spoke about the importance of gender balance to change:the:ratio in the digital media dialogue. The bottom line: hire more women and make more money.
  • The ever-popular Winners’ Circle showcased four companies with recent deals to highlight their success strategies: Collective/Tumri, Google/Admeld, Yahoo/interclick and DDS/Mediabank.
  • The day ended with a fascinating discussion between Jon Miller of News Corp. and Alex Carloss of YouTube regarding their recent joint launch of WIGS, a dedicated channel featuring originally-scripted dramas for digital first-run distribution. Hollywood may never be the same!

New at DMS’12 was the inclusion of brands. This year we had senior digital executives from AMEX, Coke, Ford and Kellogg’s join the conversation. We plan to involve brands in an even bigger way next year.

The Digital Media Summit is an exclusive event which has carved a unique value proposition in the crowded event space. Part industry conference, and part investor conference and, hopefully, the best of both. We are grateful for all who participated to make it such a success and are especially grateful to all who sponsored DMS. You rock!

We’re already looking forward to DMS’13 and pledge to keep up the quality and exclusivity. Meanwhile, we are busy working to fill the Winners’ Circle panel seats for next year!

The Digital Media Summit is by invitation only.

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