acquired by Valassis

June 21st, 2012

Today it was announced that Valassis Communications, Inc. (NYSE:VCI), a leading media and marketing services company, acquired, a leading advertising network focused on global brands. Valassis has long been a leader in delivering direct mail, newspaper inserts and in-store advertising to consumers.

With the addition of, Valassis will now be able to sell and execute integrated offline and online marketing campaigns. This is a capability that its CPG and retail customers have been thirsting for. And, now, Valassis is in a prime position to lead the market with integrated offline and online cross-channel marketing campaigns.

This transaction exemplifies two trends noted in our recent blog post The Golden Age of Advertising Technology. One such trend is the application of technology to upper funnel solutions, namely brand advertising. This is a critical capability if the digital sector is to grow share of here-to-fore elusive brand advertising spend. The other trend is the emergence of “cross channel” advertising. While most digital media practitioners think of cross channel as combining two or more digital channels such as search and display, display and Facebook, or display and video, etc., the opportunity is much larger than that. Traditional advertising still dwarfs digital advertising in terms of actual spend; however, digital marketing is now recognized as an effective channel critical to a company’s overall marketing strategy.

Congratulations to both and Valassis!

LUMA Partners advised in the transaction.

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