AppNexus Acquires Yieldex

March 18th, 2015

Today, AppNexus announced the acquisition of Yieldex, Inc., a market leader in publisher forecasting and analytics tools for premium inventory. With the acquisition of Yieldex, AppNexus will be able to offer an integrated, full-stack solution to publishers and grow its traction in the programmatic direct market.

LUMA Partners represented Yieldex in the transaction.

The programmatic direct market is ready to take off after years of investment in technology to optimize premium inventory workflow. Publishers and digital buyers have long waited for premium inventory solutions that come with the efficiency they expect from remnant inventory solutions. Now that the technology is here for premium direct sales, we will start to see the bulk of publishers’ revenues being created through programmatic means.

This deal follows activity in this burgeoning category from Rubicon Project last fall and we expect to see more consolidation as market leaders aim to offer media buyers with complete solutions for automating sales of any kind of inventory.

Congratulations to Yieldex and AppNexus!

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