About LUMA

LUMA Partners provides strategic advice to companies at the intersection of media, marketing and technology. We are passionate about entrepreneurs, excited about the innovation taking place and thrive on disruption.

LUMA Partners takes a refreshing approach to investment banking. The typical broad auction sell-side process simply doesn’t work for leading companies in the dynamic digital media industry. “Selling” a company results in adverse selection that can taint or sub-optimize the result for entrepreneurs and their investors.

Our approach is different.  We work “up-funnel” with decision-makers at the strategic companies to provide objective advice regarding strategy and target selection – which we are able to do because of our deep market expertise and since we are not burdened with “inventory.” In other words, we help companies get bought. This approach results in more logical strategic matches that are a better outcome for all parties.

At the end of the day, we believe good companies are bought, not sold. Most investment bankers say this – but we put our business model where our mouth is. Since the digital industry we cover is all about disruption and efficiency, we felt the investment banking model could use a little disruption. Don’t you?

So what’s a LUMA?