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Criteo Completes Its $250 Million Acquisition of HookLogic

picture2Today, Criteo announced the completion of its $250 million acquisition of HookLogic, a leading performance marketing company. By acquiring HookLogic, Criteo will be able to bolster its commerce-focused, performance marketing platform and strengthen its relationships with brand manufacturers and retailers.

LUMA represented HookLogic in the transaction.

Commerce companies are now finding new opportunities to monetize their large audiences and significant data assets by augmenting revenues through advertising and driving conversions on their properties. HookLogic has stood out as a leader in this space by providing the platform retailers utilize to sell advertising on their sites. By doing this, HookLogic has also provided brand manufacturers the ability to promote their products at the point of purchase, driving performance-based marketing tied to actual sales.  At LUMA, we expect this trend to continue as more companies work to tie advertising spend to business outcomes versus proxies.

Through the acquisition, Criteo will be able to expand its performance marketing business beyond retailers, to the brands that retailers sell, as well as increase its retail partner base. In addition to new clients, Criteo and HookLogic will also benefit from their collective data and predictive technologies, adding more value to existing clients.

Congratulations to HookLogic and Criteo!